Golden Harvest Soybeans


Golden Harvest Soybeans offer you industry leading genetics with all the traits you need to control weeds while achieving the best yield potential possible!  From RR, to LL to Xtend we have you covered.

GH offers Dominating Performance

In 2017 GH Soybeans dominated the FIRST trials winning more than any other brand in our area.  2788x, 2981x, 3195x and the brand NEW 3088x are the beans to watch!

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Each of the beans below have proven to work in your area, in fields just like yours.  And since we don't recommend anything we haven't had ourselves, I assure you they have worked in ours as well!  

Keep a special eye out for 2788X, 2981x, 3088X and 3195x soybeans this year as they are showing great potential in our fields right now!