Potential Ag offers a FULL LINE of Cover Crops for 2019/2020

Potential Ag Specializes in Mixing Custom Cover Crop Mixes and Application Methods To Suit YOUR Goals

Our Proven 4 Step Approach:  

1. Determine our customers Needs, Growing Practices, Planting and Termination Times and Comfort Level

2.  Determine our customers Goals for the use of Cover Crops as well as what their expectations are.

3.  Create a 100% Custom Mix that has the Highest Potential of achieving the set goal(s) and fits into what our customer is already doing on their farm.

4. Determine what Application Method is best: From aerial applications to Custom Drilling, we have you covered.   We will bring in your seed, line up application methods and timing and apply the seed, all without our customers lifting a finger.  

Look Below for More Info on Various Cover Corp Species

Potential Ag offers Various Application Methods for Cover Crops

We personally work with 3 Aerial Application companies, (2 with Air Tractors and one with Helicopters) AND we custom Drill cover crops for customers throughout our general area.  

Our 100% Custom Designed For You Mixes

N Generator


The N Generator category of Mixes includes your choice of Multiple Legumes from Peas, Multiple Species of  Clover, Vetch, Sun Hemp and more.   Couple these N generating species with a grass and a broadleaf for a well rounded mix to meet your goals!

Multi Purpose


Our Multi Purpose Cover Crop Mixes are by far our most popular mixes, especially when planted ahead of soybeans.  They usually contain Cereal Rye, Annual Rye, Radishes, 3 species of Oats, Rapeseed, and Turnips all to provide your fields with the best, most well rounded mix for a cost effective price.  This mix meets the goals of Erosion Control, Weed Suppression, Increasing OM, and Nutrient Movement and Storage all while busting Compaction.   Since this mix is 100% Custom Made for YOU, we can adjust each species individual rates to meet and exceed your goals.

Weed Control


Our Weed Control Mixes are largely based on products such as Cereal Rye, Barley, Annual Rye and others which are flown on before or planted after harvest and left to grow throughout the fall and into the spring.  Best results have been achieved by planting into these mixes while they are still green and terminating shortly after.   These mixes meet and exceed the goals for Weed Control, Erosion Control, and Increasing OM in your fields.

Compaction Buster


Our Compaction Buster Mixes range from Grasses to Broadleaf products or various combinations of both.   Each has the ability to penetrate the hardest of compaction layers and help water and cash crop roots go deeper into your soils over time.

Winter Termination


Many first time cover croppers prefer not to have any cover crop left growing in the spring, and our Winter Termination mixes are perfect to meet that goal.   Our Winter Termination mixes consist of products such as Radishes, Turnips and Various Oat species that terminate with multiple days of freezing temps.  These mixes also meet the goals of Compaction Busting, Nutrient Storage and Movement as well as Erosion Control. 

Custom Mixes


All of our mixes listed here are 100% custom blended for each and every customer.  

We will first discuss your needs, farming practices, goals and more before creating the mix that best suits you.  

Potential Ag strives to meet and exceed our customers goals.  Contact us and we will help you exceed your farms profit Potential!


Cereal Rye


Cereal Rye is a great all around product primarily used ahead of soybeans.  It can grow 4-5' tall at maturity offering great weed control while also busting up compaction with its shallower but wide spread root system.   Cereal Rye can be planted until the first frost, and is easily terminated in the spring with Roundup.

Annual Rye


Annual Rye is a great product for use ahead of corn,  with deep roots used to shatter hard pan compaction and loosen soils in preparation for the following years crop.  Annual Rye has shorter above ground growth but has an extensive root system.  Annual Rye is usually flown on before or planted directly after harvest and easily terminates in the spring with a proper application of Roundup.



We offer multiple varieties of oats including Black Oats that attack Cyst Nematodes in your fields, reducing their numbers and potential damage to your soybean crop.   Oats of all kinds are usually flown on before or planted directly after harvest, and easily terminate on their own upon multiple days below freezing.



Barley is a great addition to any mix or as a stand alone product.  Barley can be flown on or planted after harvest and offers a unique benefit of early mineralization activity in your soils, making those minerals more readily available to your cash crop. Barley can grow from 1.5-3' tall at maturity but is easily terminated with your burndown pass in the spring.


Radish Species


Arguably the most well known of all cover crops, the Radish is the flagship of the Cover Crop industry.  Its simple ease of growth, compaction busting and nutrient holding attributes have put it on the map as a great all around stand alone and mixed cover crop species.



 Rapeseed is cool-season annual broadleaf that has a deep root system. It is a very good scavenger of nitrogen and phosphorus. Some winter-type cultivars are capable to survive in low temperatures such as 10°F. When mixing rapeseed in blends, reduce the seeding rate appropriately based on the desired mixture. If not, rapeseed can outperform other species and become very competitive. 



 Buckwheat is a very good short season cover crop. It reaches maturity in just 70-90 days. The main benefits include weed suppression through shading and competition. It also attracts beneficial insects. It is a good first crop for rejuvenating over-farmed soils. Buckwheat’s dense, fibrous roots clustered in the topsoil provide an extensive root system for scavenging nutrients. 




Our extensive line of Clovers ranging from the well known Crimson Clover, Alsike, Dutch White, Ladino, Berseen, Fixation, Medium Red, Balansa and many more will help you produce Nitrogen Naturally for your cash crop.  These clovers can be used alone or as part of a mix.  Each has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Contact us to learn more about which clover variety will work best to meet your goals.



Peas area  a great and often overlooked Legume.  Our pea varieties such as Austrian Pea, Cow Pea, Linx Peas and more are a great addition to any mix planted ahead of your cash corn crop.  Peas do best when planted or drilled vs being flown on.

Vetch, Sun Hemp & More


Potential Ag offers various other Legumes such as Sun Hemp whipch can produce up to 100lb of N in as little as 60 days.  

Other types of Legumes we offer include various types of vetch, Alfalfa and Non GMO soy.  Contact us to learn more about which will best achieve your needs and goals for your cash crop.