Dairyland Seed Soybeans

DSR 2616 R2Y

  • Top­ end yield potential At or above the plot average 62% and 67% of the time in 2014 on-­farm and university trials respectively 
  • Outstanding early season stress tolerance, emergence & vigor 
  • MR to BSR and Race 3 SCN 
  • Fuller canopy type with abundant lateral branching 

DSR 2909 R2Y

  • Sets a new bar in late 2 RM geographies 
  • IMPRESSIVE yield data in on­farm, FIRST and university testing!!! 
  • Great defensive package Above the trend line in low yield environments and blows it away as yield environment improves 
  • Excellent harvest attributes 
  • Direct replacement for DSR­2995/R2Y 

DSR 3040 R2Y

  • Consistent, multiple year data to support yield potential
  • BSR & SDS defense 
  • Medium­ tall plant type with standability through harvest 
  • Covers multiple soils and management practices 
  • An elite product in early Group 3 geographies 

DSR 3250 R2Y

  • Excels in tough environments 
  • Rps1k and XG3a give this product an early season advantage 
  • Strong resistance to BSR and SCN 
  • Protects against SDS for those early planting situations 
  • Will respond to lower planting populations in higher yield environments 

DSR 3113 R2Y

  • Yields across all soils, environments and management styles 
  • Excellent defensive attributes 
  • Quick out of the ground and impressive through harvest 
  • Taller and thinner plant type 
  • Can yield with mid and later Group 3 products